Hamilton Project Management (HPM) is a Project Management, Design Management and Construction Management firm founded in 1997 with its main office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has since dynamically matured with the further establishment of offices in Doha, Qatar and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. With the long-term strategy of continuously expanding HPM’s range of services to meet the evolving needs of Clients’ and the geographical locations of their projects, Hamilton Project Management (HPM) predominantly operates within the Middle Eastern and African regions.

Throughout the pursuit of our endeavours and having been involved on several prestigious projects, it is our hard-earned accomplishments and wealth of experience that led us to specialise in the Project Management of mainly 5-Star and 4-Star Projects. Having worked with a host of world-renowned Hotel Operators over several years, Hamilton Project Management (HPM) has gained the valuable reputation of being among the pre-qualified and preferred Project Management firms by the likes of Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc., Marriott International, Inc., AccorHotels Group, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc., and others.

We understand the intricacies of next-generation projects, their associated goals and challenges, the business environment and the obligation to safeguard stakeholders’ interests. That is why, no matter what the scale, complexity or location of a project, our technical footprint assures Project Management proficiency through our team’s local and international expertise in engineering applications.

Key Personnel & Staff

Staffed multi-nationally from the UK, Canada, Australia and the Middle East, Hamilton Project Management (HPM) employs a number of globally trained and qualified professionals with local and international experience in the fields of design and construction.

Through the use of our team’s ingenuity, they combine their knowledge of engineering applications with their experience in worldwide design and construction to save our Clients’ money and time, efficiently completing projects to the highest of quality and engineering practices.

Hierarchical Structure & Organisation

Hamilton Project Management (HPM) is structured such that teams are distributed among our offices and construction sites throughout our regions of operation. Each office handles separate projects with dedicated staff and document control whereby all projects’ information and correspondence are continuously fed into and monitored by the main office with their independent staff, key management personnel and document control that further review, advise and reinforce projects’ requirements at all times.

Our firm’s hierarchical structure not only ensures that project-specific decisions are made in conformance with the highest quality of engineering standards and practices, but also performs with the ultimate goal of achieving the requirements of projects on time and within budgets, effectively fulfilling our Clients’ needs and expectations with full confidence.

For a better understanding of Hamilton Project Management’s (HPM) hierarchical structure, please refer to Appendix A to view our Organisation Chart.

Clients' Benefits

Total Project Management:

In providing total Project Management services, we provide strict control over quality, time and cost of every project.

Local and International Experience:

Having local and international experience in Project Management services on the pre-construction and post-construction of projects, we assure Project Management proficiency to the highest level of quality and engineering practices.

Effective Management:

We are structured such that our team efforts ensure that project objectives are efficiently met.

Safeguarding Clients’ Interests:

By providing professional advice on all aspects of projects such as technical issues, value engineering, managerial, contractual and cost related matters, we wholeheartedly safeguard our Clients’ interests.

Project Philosophy

Our Role:

To facilitate the objectives of our Clients and provide the best value for money within project constraints.

Early Involvement:

Being part of decisions early in the project cycle is fundamental and will essentially achieve economic solutions for the Client.