Services and Owner's Benefits in Appointing HPM for Project Management

Development Management

Produces a project definition that is compatible with market potential and commercial returns.

Programme Management

Coordinates multi-project constraints and objectives to deliver the entire concept on time.

Project Management

Focuses on specific project targets and ensures time, cost and quality are properly managed.

Value Engineering

Independent appraisal of the project design allowing the investor to achieve the most economical solution.

Project Control

Detailed scheduling of all project resources such that the impact of changes can be clearly defined.

Open Book Procurement

Eliminates middle agents and allows for sourcing directly from the producer, thereby saving cost.

Contract Management

Ensures the forms of contract are both compatible and effective, allocating risk where relevant, thereby protecting the investor.

Dispute Management

Proper management of contractual procedures will provide protection to investors and minimise liabilities.

خدمات شركة هاملتون و فوائد المالك من تعيين الشركة لإدارة المشاريع

إدارة تطوير المشروع 

توفر إدارة التطوير تقييما لمواصفات و مخططات المشروع مع إعطاء افضل الحلول الهندسية لأفضل تصميم و عائد تجاري

إدارة البرامج

يتم التنسيق بين موارد وأهداف المشروع المتعددة لإنجاز المشروع بأكمله في الوقت المحدد

إدارة المشاريع

تركز إدارة المشاريع على اهداف محددة و تضمن إدارة فعالة للكلفة و الوقت والجودة

لتقييم الهندسي

يتم عمل تقييماً مستقلاً لتصميم المشروع يمكَن المستثمًر من تحقيق افضل الحلول الاقتصادية

التحكم بالمشروع

يتم برمجة كل مصادر المشروع بشكل تفصيلي وربطه بمراحل العمل المتعددة، بحيث يمكن تحديد النتائج المترتبة

التوريد المباشر

بإعتماد اسلوب التوريد المباشر من المنتج يتم الاستغناء عن الوسطاء والوكلاء مما يحقق توفير في التكاليف

إدارة العقود

تضمن إدارة العقود ان تكون صيَغ العقود مناسبة وفعالة وتأخذ باعتبارها المخاطر لتأمين اهداف المشروع

إدارة الخلافات التعاقدية

توفر إدارة الخلافات التعاقدية حلاً للنزاعات القائمة بين الأطراف المتعاقدة

Pre-Construction (Design) Phase

Procurement of an esteemed, high-end international Hotel Operator:

As Hamilton Project Management (HPM) is among the preferred and pre-qualified Project Management companies of several Hotel Operators, HPM can approach various internationally recognised Hotel Operators on behalf of the Client for the operation of his development. Subject to the Client’s requirements, HPM can also render their support by organising meetings and carrying out negotiations towards fees and contractual matters with the Hotel Operator, as well as reviewing and providing recommendations towards technical and financial aspects to ensure the Client is safeguarded before a formal agreement is reached with the selected Operator.

Procurement of Consultants:

Prestigious projects require the input of several Specialist Consultants at various stages of their lifecycles. HPM can, on behalf of the Client, procure the Lead Consultant as well as Specialist Consultants whereby a process of short listing and comparisons of proposals shall take place to better serve the benefit of the Client in obtaining the best services on the project for the most competitive prices. HPM can also render their support in carrying out negotiations towards fees and contractual matters with the Consultants, subject to the project’s requirements, and in the event of a hotel project, the Operator’s requirements.

Production & Coordination of Design:

For the different stages of the project, HPM will provide a detailed timeline schedule to include all stages of the design and the input of all appointed Consultants, and monitor the production and coordination achieved by each Consultant during Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development and production of Construction/Tender Documents, as well as cross-review the design as being developed and, if required, enable earliest commencement of works on site. HPM would also assist the Client by providing recommendations and solutions to various issues that will arise to better serve the achievement of quality and value for money on the project, as well as ensure that the Operator’s Guidelines, Client and local Authorities’ requirements are all incorporated in the design.

Tendering, Tender Analyses, Negotiations & Award:

This would involve the procurement of the Contractor and various other construction packages. HPM would prepare lists of tenderers, prequalify them and prepare tender documents for bidding, provide tender analyses of Contractors’ bids received, negotiate the technical and financial proposals with the bidders to achieve the most competitive prices, as well as prepare the main Contract for the award of the works.

Services in Brief during the Pre-Construction (Design) Phase:

In brief, our services during the Pre-Construction (Design) Phase of any project may include, but not by way of limitation:

  • Project Development:
    • HPM will review the design drawings as soon as they are received from the Lead Consultant/Architect and recommend alternative solutions whenever design details are found affecting operations or aesthetics without assuming PM’s responsibility for the design.
  • Scheduling:
    • HPM will develop a Project Time Schedule (programme) that coordinates and integrates the Lead Consultant/Architect’s design with all other Sub-Consultants. HPM will also update the Project Time Schedule incorporating the programme for construction operations of the project.
  • Construction Planning:
    • HPM will review and assist in recommending the purchase of all Prime Cost (PC) sums materials and equipment (except for Interior Design and Specialist Consultants’ designs). HPM will also review and recommend all finishing materials for the project.
  • Follow up on Design Work:
    • HPM will follow up the progress of design work as well as all documentation required to commence construction and will ensure that the conditions of Contract agreed upon will be implemented as far as design requirements are concerned.
  • Division of Work:
    • HPM will make recommendations to the Client regarding the division of work in the drawings and specifications to facilitate the bidding and awarding of Contracts allowing for phased construction.
  • Competitive Bids Analyses:
    • As working drawings and specifications are completed, HPM will study and analyse with the Client competitive bids received on the work of various Contractors. After analysing the bids, HPM will advise on the award of Contracts or recommend to the Client such Contracts to be awarded.
  • Joint Quantity Surveying:
    • HPM will work jointly with the Client’s own Quantity Surveyors in providing the following services:
      • Agree an initial budget with the Client.
      • Prepare detailed cost plans.
      • Cost control design development.
      • Produce independent cost checks for the Client’s approval.
      • Provide pre-tender estimate of final design.
      • Study proposed changes and estimate the cost for the Client.
      • Produce bills of quantities.
      • Produce tender and Contract documents.
      • Produce tender analysis report (technical and financial).
      • In case the budget is not attained, conduct Value Engineering until the budget is achieved.
      • Through the Client’s Quantity Surveyors, provide protection against claims and variations during the construction stage.
      • Review Contract agreements of Sub-Consultants and Contractors and process payment certificates for all Consultants and Contractors.
      • Review claims and variation orders.
      • Implement claim prevention exercise to secure achievement of budget.
  • Tendering:
    • HPM, along with the Quantity Surveyors, will carry out the following services:
      • Advise packages of work to be tendered
      • Produce a list of qualified Contractors to participate in tendering.
      • Advise on tender methods.
      • During the tendering period, liaise with all Consultants and clarify all queries submitted by tenderers.
      • Hold official tender meetings during the tendering period.
      • Upon receipt of tender analysis report (produced by the Client’s Quantity Surveyors), negotiate with the tenderers and achieve the best possible prices and make recommendations for award.

Construction Phase

HPM shall monitor the execution of the Main/Civil Package and other work packages on site in accordance with the Contractor’s detailed Baseline Construction Programme. HPM would deploy their technical team on site who would monitor the Engineer/Consultant’s supervisory team’s work and closely overlook the construction process, inclusive of monitoring the programme, establishing delays, if any, propose methods of recovery, ensure the Engineer/Consultant’s adherence to Contract requirements through further review of Shop Drawings, materials, equipment, claims, and so forth, from a technical standpoint and provide advice, recommendations and solutions for all issues that will arise, whether related to the execution of works, time to complete or cost/variations to complete the project.

Services in Brief during the Construction Phase:

In brief, our services during the Construction Phase of any project may include, but not by way of limitation:

  • Project Control:
    • HPM will monitor the work of the Contractor and Trade Contractors and coordinate the work with the activities and responsibilities of the Engineer/Consultant and Construction Manager to complete the project in accordance with the Client’s objectives of cost, time and quality.
  • Progress Meetings:
    • HPM will schedule and conduct progress meetings in which the Client, Engineer/Consultant and Contractor will resolve issues related to progress, problems and scheduling.
  • Construction Progress:
    • HPM will provide regular and close monitoring of the schedule of works as construction progresses, as well as identify potential variances between scheduled and probable completion dates. HPM will also review the schedule for work not started or incomplete and recommend adjustments in the programme to meet the scheduled completion date.
  • Coordination Procedures:
    • HPM will establish procedures for coordination among all parties with respect to all aspects of the project and implement such procedures.
  • Contractual Matters:
    • HPM will recommend courses of action to the Client and Engineer/Consultant when requirements of the Contractor and other Contractors are not being met or fulfilled.
  • Change Orders:
    • HPM will develop and implement a system with the Engineer/Consultant and Quantity Surveyor for the preparation, assist in review and processing of change orders by the Quantity Surveyor and Engineer/Consultant, if required.
  • Payments to the Contractor:
    • With the Client’s appointed Quantity Surveyor, agree and implement a procedure for the review and processing of payment applications of the Contractor for progress and final payments.
  • Inspection of Works:
    • HPM will crosscheck the works of the Contractor and Trade Contractors for defects and deficiencies in the works, without assuming any of the Engineer/Consultant’s responsibilities for inspection.
  • Shop Drawings and Submitted Materials/Equipment:
    • HPM will monitor all approvals processed by the Engineer/Consultant with respect to Shop Drawings, materials and equipment and advise of additional comments to the Engineer/Consultant for implementation.
  • Substantial Completion:
    • HPM will monitor the substantial completion of the work or designated portions thereof and prepare, with the Engineer/Consultant, a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items and a schedule for their completion.
  • Start-Up:
    • HPM will crosscheck with the Engineer/Consultant all utilities, operational systems and equipment for readiness and assist in their initial start-up and testing by the Trade Contractors without assuming any responsibility of the design and installation.
  • Final Completion:
    • HPM will determine final completion and provide written notice that the work is ready for final inspection and Handing Over.

Handing Over to the Client or Hotel Operator

Testing / Commissioning, Snagging & Final Completion:

Following the completion of works on site, HPM would monitor the Testing & Commissioning and Snagging works that shall be conducted on site to assure compliance with the local Authorities’ regulations, the Client’s requirements and the Hotel Operator’s Brand Standards, should one be engaged.

Throughout this stage, HPM would also oversee and ascertain the preparation of documentation to be provided by the Contractor such as operational and maintenance manuals, as-built drawings, testing reports, applicable guarantees and warranties, lists of spare parts, vendors, Sub-Contractors and suppliers, and so forth.

During this final stage, HPM will review and certify final payments of the Contractor and other Sub-Contractors with consideration of any applicable retentions and variations as per their Contracts.

In the event of a hotel project with an Operator on board, HPM would schedule a plan with the Operator for their inspection and acceptance of all areas for Handing Over. Throughout this stage, the Hotel Operator would install their systems and deploy staff in the development, providing them training and accustoming them to their operations and new work environment.

Defects Liability Period (DLP)

HPM can be engaged for a Defects Liability Period (DLP) after the successful Handing Over of the project.

During this stage, HPM would monitor the progress of any remedial defects work required to be carried out by the Contractor and carry out periodical inspections with the Consultant to determine the completion of any outstanding works, throughout which, technical recommendations and solutions will be advised for the various problems that will arise. HPM would also monitor the Contractor’s performance and release the retention of monies accordingly, thereby ensuring that the Contractor has rectified the defective works up to the high level of quality intended before closing of accounts.

Upon HPM’s impartial attestation of successful completion of such remedial action, HPM would provide written notice that the project is completed and certify the Contractor’s Final Payment Certificate and the project’s Final Completion Certificate.